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How to sell your house fast? 5 simple hacks by Zack Childress

The traditional method of selling homes is either hiring a real estate agent who you may charge a hefty amount of money to process or selling it online. In either case, you have to make sure that you never ever sell the house for low market value which incurs you a great loss. Your house is your life time valuable asset and it should give you great returns. What could you possibly do to get higher profit from the sale? Here are the 6 great innovative tips from the desk of  Zack Childress, a popular real estate investing expert and inventor of REI quick cash system.


Zack has trained many investors to get started with their profitable real estate investing business. His fully automated REI quick cash system is a great invention and many investors have benefited from it. He also conducts real estate seminars which focuses on Co wholesaling and other strategies used in REI.

Get your home ready for sale!

Appearance plays a vital role in a successful home selling process. No matter how big your home is and the amenities it has, if you are not going to show it properly then you cannot sell it. Remove all the personal properties from your house and make it clean and empty. You can place some furniture and decorative to enhance the appearance of the house.

Be available to show your house!

You should be open always to show your house to buyers! Always! Why? Your house may get its potential buyer at any time. Hence it’s essential to walk them through at any time. If you are too busy to handle the buyers then better hire a professional who can walk through the buyers. He should be available always to show your house and describe its features to buyers in a better way. There is an added advantage of hiring one such expert since he can negotiate and get better price for you.

Don’t ever overprice your home!

If you ever see “for sale” sign board outside the house for long period of time, go and enquire the seller and you will come to know the reason. It may be due to overpricing of the house! The real estate market has many such houses which don’t sell for years due to overpricing.

Do not commit this serious since it may ruin the overall process. Research and calculate the appropriate value of your house and price it right. If you price it slightly below the market value then it may attract more buyers but do not compromise with your profit rate.

Hire a real estate agent!

Some sellers may totally be not aware of the real estate trends and its nature, such people need an assistance for sure. They need to hire a professional real estate that can get them the potential buyer easily! They may charge 5-10% as brokerage fees from the deal and close on your house.

Check whether you are selling at a right time!

Sometime even if everything is perfect and you are ready for the sale, check whether the market conditions is in favorable condition to put up the sale. If the market is in favor of buyers then do not rush, wait until it becomes sellers market.

These simple strategies by Zack Childress can sell your house off fast and easily. Zack has helped many sellers to get their house sold for higher market value price. He has years of experience in real estate wholesaling and co wholesaling. His REI quick cash system is a fully automated technique which can be of great help to investors.

His co wholesaling training videos can help you to get started with the successful real estate investing. You can get the easy access to his videos and training materials by a simple subscription.

Zack Childress review about tax lien real estate investing risks and how to avoid them

Zack Childress review – Tax lien investing is one of the easiest roads to riches in the world of real estate. Being the pursuit of seasoned investors, it offers bountiful returns; however, there are chances for you to get burned easily, if you are not doing your research. This piece of writing will walk you through the risk factors involved in tax lien investing and how to avoid them. This in turn will help you make a safe and sound investment.

Such a property doesn’t exist: In general, tax lien properties are available for sale at scheduled tax auctions, whereas, this is not the case with some counties. Depending on the county, the sale happens directly, or over the counter, or at the county courthouse. Not taking into consideration, the sale method, there is a publicly accessible list of real estate properties that shows available liens for sale. Though uncommon, that list can have certain inaccuracies, but experts say that it is to no purpose of, for the list to have an address that doesn’t even exist. In order to avoid this potential risk, it is always a must to physically visit and inspect the property.

Damaged/ useless property: Savvy investors always have a look at the list of properties that have tax liens for sale, look out for the contents and the general description the list shows, and have a keen look at the improvements that have been made along with the assessed value. Highly helpful for investors in determining and understanding the property’s state of affairs, but to take a decision based only on that is something unadvisable and the sad thing is that sometimes even the well-informed investors go for it. Sometimes the description might miss out major repairs and changes that the property is in need of. For instance, if a wildfire recently destroyed all buildings on the property that may not be updated on the description list; in order to overcome this issue, again you should visit the property in person and look out for such damages if any. There exist quite a few properties that are ineffective, for e.g. a strip of grass that is 10 feet wide, and 400 feet long that is more or less one acre in size seems to be a lucrative investment, but what if local building codes or zoning ordinances require a 30-foot easement on all sides? In this case, the land could not have anything built on it, which makes the property useless. Again personally inspecting the property is the best way to stay away from this potential problem.

Hope you found this article helpful, for more eye-opening real estate investing articles stay tuned to Zack Childress blogs. Zack Childress is a real estate entrepreneur who has helped thousands of real estate enthusiasts by teaching real estate principles, markets, and finance. His boot camps and seminars are a blessing to people who wanted to make it big in the field of real estate. Sign up for Zack Childress real estate reviews to stay up to date on real estate concepts and make secure investments with the guidance of this connoisseur who will guide you every step of the way.

Zack Childress workshop trains real estate enthusiasts meticulously

Selling and buying of premium real estate properties has always been a complicated process for budding real estate agents who have set their foot in this business recently. Construction companies, reputed builders and contractors are building world class luxury residential and commercial apartments within and outside the city and outsource the selling works to leading real estate agents or companies which are involved in real estate business. Amateur agents who are new to buying and selling wholesale properties should endeavor to undergo training in one of the sessions conducted by world class trainer who is none other than Zack Childress.

He is not only a dynamic trainer but also a highly successful developer who manages properties which are worth million dollars. Agents can unfold the inside secrets of successful real estate business when they take part in his training sessions. He has trained hundreds of real estate investors and brokers and shown them the path of success. Intermediaries who take part in his upcoming professional training sessions will get an insight about Virtual ATM which is a hot topic in the real estate business. This sincere and dedicated real estate trainer cum businessmen conducts monthly training sessions to real estate professionals on the topics that are related to wealth building and automated systems. His primary focus is to popularize automated virtual ATM. He has been into this industry for the past several decades and learnt the pros and cons of real estate business.

An automated system that is helping real estate executives

Beginners will quickly understand real estate business and also the time-tested methods of selling luxury properties to worldwide customers when they sit and take part in the upcoming training session. Zack Childress is very popular in social media channels and visitors can get basic information about this supreme real estate baron when they explore these videos. He has built this real estate empire only through hard work and commitment. Trainees who took part in his recent webinars and classroom sessions have given best reviews and ratings to this legendary trainer cum real estate executive.

Intermediaries who have lost hope in real estate business or positive mindset to reach the objective quickly will benefit a lot when they meet this guy who excels in training. People who are new to his training academy will learn about influencer, internet and digital marketing. He is very popular in reputed social websites and has thousands of fan followers throughout the world. Real estate agents and brokers can place their properties in the limelight in several popular social websites and sell properties within a short period of time when they learn the secrets through this experienced trainer who is a role model for millions of people. Zack is a proud owner of Landmark property investments and automated real estate systems. Brokers who are unable to sell properties or lagging behind in sales will master the real estate business when they sit in his training sessions. Visitors who are planning to sit in his next session can use the form that is shown here.

Zack Childress reviews about common Real Estate Investing Scams

The real estate industry itself is quite complicated and dealing things with great caution is highly essential. Whether it is about finding the right property or organizing the proper funding and managing a rental, everything is easier said than done and it goes without saying that all these processes take a lot of time, effort, and sometimes basic and in-depth knowledge about the real estate market is required together with other factors. Having said that, just like any business, even real estate industry is prone to scam activities where crooks try to scam you out of your hard work. Hence it is important to be wide-awake every time.

Change is the only thing that’s permanent and this applies to the real estate industry very well. Real estate changes constantly, so’s real estate investment scams. In order to not become a victim, you should be wide-awake and outsmart them because con artists these days are more sophisticated in scamming even the smartest people.

  • Loan modification scams:This is one of the most prevalent scams out there and it often targets the homeowners and they struggle to pay mortgage or face foreclosure issues. In this con game, usually the scammer will act as the lender and will try to misguide the owner by their cheap tricks and try to deceive him/her. In addition, they may even promise a guarantee or protection from foreclosure, however, anything related to money the owner is supposed to pay a fee which is usually an upfront fee and this is a red flag which anyone should be aware of. These scammers are extremely cunning and will even have a website with a government logo, so be aware. So, whenever it comes to mortgage make sure that you don’t trust any third parties but deal only with a professional mortgage company.
  • Rental scams: For rent signs open the door to rental scams! Landlords seek tenants, while scammers seek target in the name of rentals. Whether you are in the market to rent or looking to rent out your home, make sure that you DON’T get locked in the sights of a rental scam trickster who appears to be very loyal and legit. For an in-depth idea about rental scams read “Zack Childress reviews about red flags of Rental scams and how to avoid them”. Everything you wanted to know about rental scams, its red flags, and how to avoid them are listed in detail there.
  • Title scams: Title fraud or title scam is also one of the most common real estate investment scams. Highly destructive in nature, this could result in identity theft leading to several other issues. In this type of scam game, crooks will use false documents and pose as the home seller or the person authorized to do so, and recommends purchasing title insurance and may request personal or confidential information for the purchase.

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